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100% RO & UV

Futuristic Design
Featuring a premium styling and digital interface, the water purifier comes in a chic-looking champagne and black dual tone colour with a backlit LED function indicator.

Best-in-class Purification Technology
100% RO & UV purification in 8 stages and Double UV that sterilizes water every 4 hours for assured safe drinking water round the clock. Revitalizer restructures water molecules for improved hydration, and mineral absorption.
Convenience Features
3 smart programmable dispensing options for added convenience and prevent spill over, and iProtect purification monitoring cuts off water if it is no longer safe to drink. Other features include a smart touch interface, maintenance and error alert, process indicator, and digital clock.

1 year warranty


Absolute safety through 100% RO and UV Purification

100% water passes through the RO membrane and then UV purification to ensure absolutely safe and pure drinking water.


Double UV Purification

Delivers safe, purified and fresh water round the clock, it enhances oxygen level in purified water and maintains hygiene in water tank.



It corrects the pH of purified water, adds back full spectrum of natural minerals and trace elements, and delivers healthier and tastier water always.



It restructures the water molecules and makes it biologically active that improves the hydration and mineral absorption.

Sole Plate

iProtect purification monitoring

Constantly monitors the purification process, ensures safe water always.


Convenient multi fill options

Measures and dispenses programmed volume of water in a glass or bottle. Free flow option for large containers. Zero splash & hygienic water.


Auto Diagnostic

System diagnose performance of vital components to ensure optimum performance and display error codes

Sole Plate

Maintenance alerts

Timely alert on periodic maintenance for the system


Cartridge life indicator

Monitor and displays the filer life expectancy to help you plan comprehensive maintenance in advance.

Sole Plate

Ingress protection tank Cover

Stops external invasion of insects and dust particles.


1-In-A-Million Service

At Havells we pride ourselves in offering exemplary products to our consumers and when it comes to our installation and post-sales service, it’s not so different either. Our promise of 1-In-A-Million Service signifies our commitment to each and every consumer that we value them and will do everything to make them feel special. Personal attention and individual care at every step of the way is at the core of our Service Promise. 
• Quick Response
• Quick Resolution

Sole Plate

Smart Care Extended Warranty Plan

Our Smart care extended warranty plan bring to you a team of qualified and expert Service Representatives to periodically keep a check on your Havells products. It is not only hassle free, it also saves the cost of unexpected failures and other such issues.
• Ensures smooth functioning of the product
• Prevents the growth of microbiological impurities in the product
• Periodic check on the filters and their functioning
• Protection against mechanical and technical problems

Product dimensions (hxwxd) in (cm)48.4 cm x 36.1 cm x 22.2 cm
Net weight (kg)approximately 9 kg
flow rateUp to 15 liters per hour
tank capacity (L)approximately 6 litres
purification technologyRO & UV Technology
purifying stages8 STAGES (RO+UV)
material of construction for plastic componentsFood safe
Power rating (maximum)60 W
pressure rating06-30 psi
Ultra violet lamp power rating4 W
Input Voltage Range230 V,50 Hz

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